Pacific search and rescue workshop aims to save thousands of lives as the search for MH370 is extended to include its sister vessel, the missing Malaysian Airways jet, which went missing off the coast of Vietnam on 8 March.

In a conference call this morning, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) gave the Australian government additional time to declare their presence.

The AMSA now needs to make an announcement around 2pm Pacific time that they have found two objects in the ocean between 1.45am and 2am, it said. The objects were located by a search-and-rescue crew of two, the first time Australia has ever been able to conduct one so far.

Australian authorities believe at least 17 bodies have been brought ashore since MH370 went missing over the Indian Ocean about a week ago. A huge search operation involving more than 20,더킹카지노000 police and military personnel has been launched and hundreds of planes have been tasked with finding any sign of the Boeing 777-200ER missing since 4 August.

AMSA will send out another message to the media on Wednesday evening, asking for all media in Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and the southern states to turn on their camer바카라사이트as at their houses and businesses.

Australian police, navy officers and emergency services have been looking for the mis더킹카지노sing aircraft for about 20 days with aid from the Chinese navy and Malaysia’s civil aviation authority. Australian experts are also on the scene.

“This has been a significant operation with all involved in some form of cooperative assistance,” AMSA said on its website, adding that they will monitor the situation closely, following warnings of more than 12 hours after the last radio transmission in the South China Sea.

“Our priority today remains to assist the searchers to establish whether and how they have located all of the debris,” it said.

The search for the aircraft – the second by satellite since 8 March – will continue, with the aircraft-based hunt focused on three spots located in the South China Sea between Vietnam, Australia and Thailand. It also follows calls from other countries to take part in the search.