Ajax rescue deal collapses because EU calls it ‘no-deal’ EU officials have launched a massive investigation into votes last month on whether to allow a UK exit from the European Union and back Brexit, which is expected to push one of the world’s most unstable economies into a recession.

Sadiq Khan will be among the speakers from the Government on Monday to discuss the issues on the agenda, including the “failing schools” and “dreaded” NHS.

This was presented to him by Education Secretary Justine Greening, a friend of Mr Khan’s family, who called him in to ask his advice about what to talk about.

“I was told it would be very important to say something about a problem at school because it was a significant issue around which there were big debates that are now under way and we had a few days to talk about it,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“One of the things that we’ve got to be very explicit about, as I said, is that education is the single most important factor in how we tackle school segregation, but it has not been done. We need to do something about it but in a very short space of time. ”

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