Council wants fire declaration changes as it mulls building the new stadium.

A letter from the City Council voted Friday to allow the city t우리카지노o apply for and receive fire declaration approval for a construction project at the former home of a large manufacturing facility — once the largest public housing complex in Toronto — next to the site of the proposed new stadium.

“The City of Toronto recognizes this facility in particular is a very significant part of our city,” City Councillor Gord Perks said as the vote on the letter of approval.

“This project needs more scrutiny in light of the current information presented to me, and I’ve made the decision that I will work with our Planning Department and with my colleagues from the City’s Economic Development and Housing Branch to ensure there are no major issues or concerns identified on the planning and building approval of this project.

“As Mayor, the City of Toronto and Fire, Infrastructure and Parks work together to address concerns of First Nations, which include ensuring the infrastructure infrastructure is in place to accommodate our unique needs at these sites, 바카라사이트including fire protection. I have directed that Fire, Infrastructure and Parks is in place to review and update its planning and building applications for this project, which could include a possible application for fire authorization.”

According to the letter of approval, the planning and building department will continue to meet for meetings with the city’s business community and private sector partners, but City Council will not be consulted until after the city’s plans for the new stadium project are ready.

The city’s plans call for the redevelopment of land around Etobicoke Centre’s former sports ground near Front Street and Lansdowne Road바카라사이트, which the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts purchased in 2004.

City council has already voted to give city staff a chance to meet with the provincial and federal government and examine future public transit upgrades across the region as part of the city’s bid for the Major League Soccer expansion franchise in 2020. The mayor was scheduled to hold consultations with those parties but the meetings were not approved.

Meanwhile, the province announced in June that it would not award the $1.7 billion contract to buy the franchise until the province had a clear plan on how it would spend the money and how Toronto might pay for it.

“I’m disappointed the City has not had the opportunity to engage the City of Ottawa and others involved in the discussions leading up to the City’s decision to make public the terms and conditions of our bid for the 2017 Major League Soccer expansion team,” Perks said Friday.