Aiven, which cover samsung j1 a forma di macchina provides managed cloud based services designed to make it easier for companies to create services on open source projects, today announces that it has raised $ 40 million in funds, a Series B led cover samsung galaxy a3 inter by IVP (an important player) in business software, supporting an illustrious list that includes Slack, Dropbox, Datadog, GitHub and HashiCorp), with the participation of previous investors Earlybird VC and Lifeline Ventures and the family offices of Risto Siilasmaa, president of Nokia, and Olivier Pomel, founder of cover samsung galaxy s4 mini tumblr Datadog. The agreement brings the total raised by Aiven to $ 50 million. Oskari Saarenmaa, HAUNTED MANSION DISNEYLAND 3 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus CEO of Aiven, who co founded the company with Hannu Valtonen, Heikki Nousiainen and Mika Eloranta, said in an interview that the company is not disclosing its valuation at this time, but it is produced as a result of great growth for the company. Now it has 500 companies as clients, including Atlassian, Comcast, OVO Energy and Toyota, and in the previous two years it doubled the workforce and tripled its revenues. “We are on our way to doing better than that this year,” Saarenmaa added. It is a surprising list, given cover samsung galaxy s6 plus the size of some of those companies; In fact, Saarenmaa even said that he and the co founders cover samsung gt i9001 originally, who had the idea of cover samsung s6 immagini the startup by mini in the box cover samsung s4 first building GOKU TRAIN HARD NO EXCUSES Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus such implementations for previous employers, which included Nokia and F Insurance: he imagined much smaller organizations that used Aiven. But, in truth, real acceptance speaks not only of the learning curve of open source projects, but also of the fact that even if you have the talent to work with them, it makes more sense to apply that talent in other places and use implementations that have been tested and tested. Currently, the company provides services on eight different open source projects: Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, JUVENTUS SIMPLE LOGO DESIGN Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Cassandra, Redis, InfluxDB and Grafana, which MAGPUL PUNISHER 2 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus cover a variety of basic functions, from data flows to search and management of a variety . of functions that involve ordering and cover samsung s5 hello kitty managing large amounts of data, and it works in large public clouds, including Google, Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean and more. The company is running two other open source technologies in beta, M3 and Flink, which will also be added soon at the general launch, and the plan will add some more over time, but only a few. “We may want to have something to help with the analysis and visualization of data,” Saarenmaa said, “but we are not looking to become a collection of different open source databases.” We want to offer the most interesting and best to our customers. The idea is that we are prepared for the future. Custodia Cover Iphone 7/8/se2020 If an interesting technology emerges and begins to be adopted, our users IOWA HAWKEYES 5 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus can trust that it will be available in Aiven. ” He says that today the company does not position ops cover samsung itself, and has no plans LAMAR JACKSON LOUISVILLE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Plus to do so, as cover samsung s 8 clear cover a systems integrator or consultancy around open source technologies. Custodia cover Samsung A50 The work he does with clients, he said, is free and tends to be cover samsung s8 unicorn part of his pre sale and post sale attention. A primary use of financing will be to expand its field offices in different geographies: Aiven has offices in Helsinki, Berlin and cover samsung j7 6 amazon Sydney today, with a specific focus on the US. UU., In order to be closer to customers to continue do just that. custodia cover iphone x/xs But sometimes the mountain reaches Mohamed, so to speak. Saarenmaa said he was introduced to IVP for the first time at Slush, an annual technology conference in Helsinki held in November, and the deal came quickly after that presentation. Custodia cover Samsung S6 “The increasing adoption of open source infrastructure software and the use of the public cloud are among the incredibly powerful trends in enterprise technology and Aiven is making it possible for customers of all sizes to benefit from the advantages of code infrastructure open, “Eric Liaw, a general IVP partner, said in a statement. “In amazon cover samsung galaxy s2 plus addition cover samsung galaxy s3 neo sampdoria to its market potential and its explosive but efficient growth in terms of capital, we were very impressed to hear from customer after client that39; Aiven simply works39;. Custodia cover Samsung A70 The overwhelmingly positive comments from customers are a testament to migliori cover samsung galaxy s8 their hiring practices and the solid engineering team They have built. We are delighted to partner with the Aiven team and help them build their vision of a single open source data cloud that meets the needs of customers of all sizes.

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